How can we book on Government of India Employees Flight Booking Portal?

  • User registration can be done only with government official e-mail addresses like, , or similar government e-mail addresses. Government of India Employee Flight Booking Portal will not accept any private and non-government e-mail address like,,,,, or similar e-mail addresses. If you don’t have a government e-mail address and would like to book LTC tickets. you may visit our website –
  • You can register on our portal for Government of India employees by clicking on “First Time User” which will redirect you to
  • You have to activate the user-id by clicking on the link sent to your official e-mail address by our Government of India Employees Flight Booking Portal
  • Once your login is activated, you can directly login into our portal with the current login details.
  • The fares shown are on a real-time basis which are offered by the Airlines and GDS. The fares may change or fluctuate at any stage of the booking based on fares offered by the Airlines.
  • Balmer Lawrie functions as the link between the Airlines and the Customers and Balmer Lawrie neither guarantees nor handles ticket fares or availability of tickets at any stage.
  • Government of India Employees Flight Booking portal provides negotiated fares with benefits, where the corporate fares and normal retail fares are available for booking. You can identify the fares by the column heading (Retail / Corporate).
  • If you like to book retail fare tickets, you can visit our website –